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MS Reading: Historical

Week 4: Historical

Remember when I stated in the Fantasy section that I love books with a map of the world the author has created? Well, I love this aspect of Historical fiction, too! I do have to remind myself, though, that this genre isn't always accurate, and sometimes authors stretch the historical facts to suit their story. However, this genre has added to my appreciation of and understanding of so many historical events.
Activity 1: Analyze the details in a historical fiction story and compare them to an account written and researched by a historian. What was consistent? What was changed?
Activity 2: Do a bit of online searching to learn more about the time period the book was written in. Make a "did you know" page about the time period in the story filled with fun facts, crazy facts, or just regular old facts.
Activity 3: Search for a special recipe from your family's history and cook it for your family.

Historical fiction in our digital catalog

Germany 1940s; Cuba 1994; Syria 2013

Set in East Prussia during World War II.

Set near the Berlin Wall, Germany WW II.

Set in Sudan in the 1980s.

Historical fiction in our digital catalog

Set on the east coast of America, early 1900s.

Set in 1947 during the partition of India.

Set in England during World War II.

Set in 12th century Korea.