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1. Choose your school or type in "International School of Beijing"

2. Select "Microsoft 365 Login" to sign-in

3. Browse the different collections of search for books using the "Explore" icon from the bottom of the screen.

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MS Summer Reading Overview

This MS Reading guide is themed according to popular genres. This is how the MS/HS library at ISB is organized and this is how most bookstores now categorize their stock. And, this is often how many students, teachers, and parents approach their reading lives.

There are 12 weeks of reading opportunities presented. You can dip in and out of the different weeks as your reading spirit moves you, or you can follow the linear path and progress from week one through week twelve.

Week 1: Graphic Novels and online comics

Week 7: Science Fiction

Week 2: Fantasy

Week 8: Romance
Week 3: Realistic Week 9: Characters with Special Needs / Disability
Week 4: Historical Week 10: Humour
Week 5: Horror/Suspense Week 11: Mythology
Week 6: Mystery Week 12: Nonfiction