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MS Reading: Fantasy

Week 2: Fantasy

Fantasy is one of the genres that truly captures our imagination. One of my favourite aspects of this genre is when there is a map at the beginning of the book. I love orienting myself within the world the author has created and following the journey of the characters across varied landscapes. This is one of the more robust areas of our collection in the MS/HS library at ISB, and we have devoted readers of several series. Below you can browse the sample of titles we have available in Sora. Can you get hooked on a series?

Activity 1: Read one of the fantasy titles below and head over to TeachingBooks to see if it has been adapted for film. Watch the movie and compare the filmmaker's version to the version you imagined in your mind.

Activity 2: Create a map of a fantasy world from your own imagination. And if you are further inspired, write about it! The Internet is full of sites offering tips on writing fantasy.

Fantasy in our digital catalog

Fantasy in our digital catalog