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IB Extended Essay

Resources to support students as they plan, write, edit, and revise their Extended Essays

Nailing the Research Question

Source: Jeri Hurd

Sample Research Questions

Source: “Sample Research Questions.”,

Question Starters

Embed argument and analysis into your question by using one of the following question starters:

Source: Lekanides, Kosta. Extended Essay Course Companion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.​

Question Limiters

Focus on one of these aspects to limit the scope of your question/topic. The following limiters will to help your question or topic find a focus:

  • Accuracy​
  • Aspect​
  • Author​
  • Case study​
  • Cause​
  • Effect​
  • Effectiveness​
  • Experiment​
  • Factors​
  • Features
  • Location​
  • Material​
  • Methodology​
  • Process​
  • Reliability​
  • School of thought​
  • Skills​
  • Society​
  • Technique​
  • Texts​
  • Time period​
  • Type

Examples from the IB Guide