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Christchurch Earthquake News

City, country: Christchurch, New Zealand. Time: 12:51pm
Date: 22 February 2011. Magnitude: 6.3. 
Location: 10km south-east of the city. Depth: ~5km

Water pipes, roads, bridges, power lines, cell phone towers and ordinary phone lines were broken or damaged.

Up to 100,000 buildings were damaged and about 10,000 buildings needed to be demolished.

The water and sewage pipes were badly damaged. Many people needed to use portable or chemical toilets, and got their water from tankers for months after the quake.

Injuries and fatalities 185 people died and many thousands were injured as a result of the earthquake. 164 people were seriously injured.
Additional assistance Rescue crews from all over the world came to help. There were crews from Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Australia and other countries.
Zones Christchurch was divided into four zones after the earthquake. The land in the Green Zone was undamaged and could be built on again. In the Orange Zone more checks were needed before the land could be be built on. The White Zone was the area that had not been checked at all yet. The land in some parts of the city was very unstable: building on it safely will be difficult. These areas are called the Red Zone.