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E-Learning and Mindfulness: Resources for Students and Parents: Student Resources

E-learning can be very effective but it can also be challenging and stressful. Here are some resources to help you adapt to this new learning environment.

Exercise and Mental Health

The PE department is doing a great job of supplying activities, workout routines and other physical movement suggestions.  This article discusses the mental health benefit.  

Healthy Distractions

Consider these 50 healthy distractions that you can use to rekindle your spark and shift your positive momentum.

Sealing with Stress for Natuarl Disasters

Guided Mindfulness Exercises

MS Appropriate Podcasts to help pass the time

A debate show for kids and adults where they take two cool things, smash them together and lets you decide which is best such as pizza vs tacos, cats vs dogs, or super speed vs super strength.

A podcast based on the outstanding book about girls creating positive change around the world. 

Science podcast for kids and curious adults.

A story about an 11-year-old searching for his missing friends.

Excel in the Digital Classroom

The following guide helps future and new online college students avoid common pitfalls, improve academic performance, manage their stress and time effectively, and find valuable resources.


The pomodoro technique utilizes alternating study and break times of 25 and 5 minutes.

Are you as efficient and productive as you can be? High school junior Yana Savitsky shares how the Pomodoro method changed the way she thinks and acts towards her work.

Mind HK

Apps that Keep You Moving

Phone Apps That Help Limit Your Use of Phone Apps

In order to help us manage our time, we may need more help managing the constant pull and distraction of technology. Here are some apps that can help you do that: 


Forest (temporarily blocks apps on iPhone and Android) 

Siempo (free app that limits screen time) 

Stay Focused (app that locks phone while studying) 

Cat Videos Are Good For You!

Mindfulness for Teens

Preventing Eye Strain

How Corona Virus Works