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Resources to support the G2 Historical Evidence Unit

Historical Evidence


  • His.4.K-2: Compare perspectives of people in the past to those of people in the present.   

  • His.9.K-2: Identify different kinds of historical sources. 

  • His.10.K-2: Explain how historical sources can be used to study the past.  

  • His.11.K-2: Identify the maker, date, and place of origin for a historical source from information within the source itself.  

  • His.12.K-2: Generate questions about a particular historical source as it relates to a particular historical event or development.  

Learning Pathway

Essential Questions

1. Why do we learn about the past? 


2. How can we use historical sources to tell us about the past? 


Enduring Understanding

Exploring historical evidence and places enables people to make connections to the past