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Resources to support the G2 Historical Evidence Unit

Historical Evidence


Dimension1: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries  

I: D1.3.K-2    Identify facts and concepts associated with a supporting question.  

I:  D1.4.K-2    Make connections between supporting questions and compelling questions.   

Dimension1: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries  

S: D1.5-K-2   Determine the kinds of sources that will be helpful in answering compelling questions and supporting questions.   

3: Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence  

I: D3.1.K-2  Gather relevant information from one or two sources while using the origin and structure to guide the selection. 

I:  D3.2. K-2 Evaluate a source by distinguishing between fact and opinion

4: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action  

I: D4.2.K-2 Construct explanations using correct sequence and relevant information.  

I:  D4.5.K-2 Ask and answer questions about explanations.

Learning Pathway

Essential Questions

1. Why do we learn about the past? 


2. How can we use historical sources to tell us about the past? 


Enduring Understanding

Exploring historical evidence and places enables people to make connections to the past