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Panda Book Awards

Committee Members 2023-2024

Contact Bec Taylor if you'd like to be involved:

School Year 2023-2024 Shortlists Judges - (18 people)
Responsible for choosing the shortlists for the school year 2024-2025  

After receiving the longlist of nominations for the upcoming year, the Shortlist Judges will look at each title closely and cross-reference the content with the Panda Book Award criterion with the goal of identifying the top ten books within each division (6 titles for Early Years). Shortlist judges are expected to virtually meet with their fellow category judges at least three times during the longlist/shortlist period (November to January).

Early and Younger Readers - 6 judges preferred


Rebecca Taylor - International School of Beijing


Middle Readers - 4 judges preferred


Paul Wong -  International School of Beijing


Older Readers - 4 judges preferred


Kelly Phillips - International School of Beijing


Mature Readers - 4 judges preferred


Kelly Donaldson - International School of Beijing


Marketing - (6 people) 

The responsibilities of the Panda Marketing group are to create social media and graphic designs to support and promote the Panda Book Awards.  Ideally, posts and/or media will be shared every four to six weeks to maintain continued energy around the Panda Book Awards.  Social Media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (#PandaBookAwards), and direct emails. Content may include book displays, promo ideas, bookmarks, etc… It is also the role of the marketing group to notify the shortlisted authors of their inclusion with the Panda Book Awards and to notify the winners of their achievements. This position requires yearlong involvement.

Kelly Phillips - International School of Beijing

Panda LibGuides Organizer (1 person)

The Panda Libguide organizer updates the Libguide site with links to books, promotional media, updates, and announcements.  This position requires yearlong involvement.

Bec Taylor - International School of Beijing

Steering Committee (4 people)

The steering committee is the decision-making body of the Panda Book Awards and is made up of representatives for each division.  All suggestions regarding the structure and philosophy of the Panda Book Award initiative should be submitted directly to the Steering Committee for consideration.  This position is a year-long commitment and involves quarterly virtual meetings.

Bec Taylor - Early and Young Readers - Chair and contact

Paul Wong - Middle Readers;

Kelly Phillips - Older Readers;

Kelly Donaldson - Mature Readers;