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Panda Book Awards


How can my school join the Panda Book Awards?
Register your school through this a registration link that will appear on this website in June of each school year.

How do I register my school for voting?
Once you have registered your school, you will automatically receive an invitation for voting. This invitation will be sent out just after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Is the Panda reading initiative only open to international schools in China?
The Panda Book Awards initiative aims to go beyond borders and invites schools and students from around the world to participate in reading a selection of outstanding books and vote for their favorite.

When does Panda voting take place?
Panda voting takes place for three weeks every year after the Chinese New Year celebration, which happens in February or at the end of January depending on the lunar cycle. If you are registered to vote you will be informed of the specific dates.

How much time do students have to to vote?
Voting is open for three weeks.

Who is the Panda Steering Committee and what is their role?
The Panda Steering Committee consists of librarians who would like to take an active role in the Panda reading initiative. Rebecca Taylor, elementary school librarian at the International School of Beijing, is the chair of the committee. The Steering Committee discuss and agree on the final reading shortlists, create promotional materials, such as posters, bookmarks, and flyers, produce the yearly Panda scrolls for the winning authors, correspond with sponsors, and communicate with librarians and teachers from schools around the world.

I am interested in joining the Panda Steering Committee. How can I apply?
Send Rebecca Taylor an email to express interest -

Generally calls to join the committee for the following year will go out in May.

How are the Panda titles selected?
In the fall, you will be able to nominate titles for next school year through a survey that will be sent to you once you have registered. For example, nominations for the awards for the 2024-2025 school year began in December of the 2023-2024 school year.  The Panda Steering Committee will finalize the shortlists.

When are the Panda shortlists publicized?
The Panda shortlists are publicized in the spring. This gives schools time to purchase the books and start promoting for summer reading.

How can I promote the Panda books at my school?
Here are some suggestions that will get you started:

  • print out the Panda posters and bookmarks available on this libguide
  • run small competitions in homerooms with daily questions about the books
  • organize a Panda party in the library
  • book talk the Panda books to your students
  • if your students are voting manually (not online) you can display big jars for their ballots. This will create excitement as the jars start filling up.
  • promote the books to the teachers and ask them to read aloud from the books
  • purchase some copies for classroom libraries in addition to the ones you buy for the library