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Anti-Bias Anti-Racism

Resources to explore topics related to Anti-Bias Anti-Racism, including books, literature, articles and film.


Expected March 10 – April 9– Ramadan (Islamic holy month)  

“Ramadan is an important month of self-reflection and spirituality for me. It is a time of giving and fasting the body while feeding the soul.”  - Beenish Russell, Grade 4 Teacher, shares what Ramadan means to her.  


Please see here for tips on supporting students during Ramadan.  Greetings to share with our students and colleagues celebrating Ramadan:  

·         “Ramadan Kareem,” which means “Have a generous Ramadan.”  

·         “Ramadan Mubarak,” which means “Happy Ramadan.”   

·         “Eid Mubarak” is the proper greeting to share on the last day of Ramadan, (Eid-al-Fitr).  

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