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ES: G5 Biomimicry

Reading Comprehension prompts

The read the following letter to begin empathizing with children in countries with difficult access to clean water. 

Here are some reading comprehension questions about the following letter

Social Emotional Learning

These questions aim to engage students in

  • thoughtful reflection,
  • encourage empathy, and
  • assess their understanding of the themes presented in the letter
  • engage in discussion to foster a deeper understanding

1. Understanding the Text
  •   What does the author wish for at one mile in their daily walk?
  •   At two miles, what activities does the author contemplate that children at your place might be doing?

2. Making Connections
  •   Can you think of activities mentioned in the letter that are part of your daily routine?
  •   How would you feel if you had to walk 8 miles (about 12 km) to collect water every day?

3. Inference
  •   Why does the author mention daydreaming about other children in different countries?
  •   What can you infer about the author's access to water based on the letter?

4. Personal Reflection
  •   If you were to respond to the author, what would you tell them about your daily life?
  •   How can you appreciate the privileges mentioned in the letter in your own life?

5. Critical Thinking
  •   Why do you think the author decided to write a letter to Grade 5 students specifically?
  •   What do you think the author hopes to achieve by sharing their daily experience with you?