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Information Search Process & Guided Inquiry

Presentation on Guided Inquiry


Leslie Maniotes

  • Download the Presentation: Guided Inquiry Design Framework
  • Guided Inquiry professional development, training workshops, residential institutes and book clubs, contact Leslie Maniotes and visit her Google Site 
  • If you are looking for a community of like minded individuals who are working with Guided Inquiry, don't forget to sign up for the Guided Inquiry Design Forum that is moderated by Leslie. 
  • Follow Leslie on Twitter @lesliemaniotes.

Librarians & Guided Inquiry

For recommendations on organizing a Guided Inquiry Team and planning to work with your students, view Kuhlthau's presentation on Librarians Facilitating Learning through Guided Inquiry.

For a summary of research and implications for school library media programs, read Kuhlthau's article Information Search Process: A Summary of Research and Implications for School Library Media Programs

Presentation on Guided Inquiry & Web 2.0

Guided Inquiry: Learning How to Learn

For strategies and materials needed to guide Inquiry Learning, read Katrina Schwartz's article 5 Tools to Help Students Learn How to Learn.

Background on Information Literacy