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Capstone Action Plan - FA8

Think Globally, Act Globally

Thinking globally and acting globally gives us the opportunity to

  • broaden out to a variety of issues that are both global and give us the opportunity to connect to China 
  • explore issues such as sustainability, gender issues, equity, poverty, etc. 
  • create an action plan.

Key Values of the Capstone Action Plan

  • Student directed student centered 
  • Truly contextualized…using our Chinese context
  • Promotes student leadership
  • Fully immersive (deep understanding through experience) in whatever issue they are trying to understand
  • Challenge kids to think beyond the context of the classroom
  • Asks for action
  • Impactful on the local community
  • Tries to address a real-world issue by educating and/or attempting to solve the issue
  • Inquiry drives the process for students
  • Middle School is a key time to instill core values in students (global citizenship, empathy, values, ethics).

Desired Outcomes

  • Necessitate the integration of curricular and process skills in grades 7 and 8 
  • Prepare them for research driven fieldwork in HS 
  • Students will have a positive impact on the community and the students will have a positive impact from interacting with the community 
  • Able to form connections between subjects, cross subject skill set 
  • Student engagement and ownership 
  • Deep and clearly displayed intercultural understanding – culturally literate 
  • Able to communicate and understand clear message related to the topic in Chinese 
  • Students build long-term sustainable relationships, partnerships, and network of resources within the community 
  • Ability for student to self-direct their learning 
  • Students to realize they can make a difference – self efficacy 
  • Changes student attitudes or behaviors 
  • Students understand there are large disparities between urban and rural China

Key Experiences

  • Inquire – select topic and questions explore – investigative process, research, interviews, data 
  • act – create, do, share 
  • In the investigative process – gather data from existing and reliable sources and generate their own data through surveys. Use of data visualization to support their ideas. Use of data for prediction. 
  • Training on how to be strong collaborators in order to display the mastery of these skills in the Capstone
  • Exhibition of learning (Student led fair or conference with other students as part of the Capstone)
  • Use of experts to support their work (e.g. internship, partnerships, service learning, volunteerism) - Authentic engagements with relevant experts or organizations
  • Mentorship relationship between facilitator and student * Reflection is a core experience of the Capstone

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