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MS Grade 8 - Artificial Selection: Databases

Digital resources to help you with this project

Recommended Resources

SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Issues Researcher, and Gale's Research in Context are three databases that are excellent starting points. Try using search terms like:

  • In SIRS Discoverer: genes; genetic engineering; human genetics; genetic modification; genetically modified food(s); birth defects, genetic aspects; human genetics, moral and ethical aspects
  • In SIRS Issues Researcher: genetic testing; genetically altered foods; genetic manipulation; genetically engineered foods; genetic engineering, risk assessment/government and policy/law and legislation; genomes; genetic engineering industry; genetic screening; genetics, research
  • In Gale Research in Context: desired traits; genetically modified organism; selective breeding; breeding for productivity; breeding for purpose; breeding for welfare; artificial selection; gene therapy

SIRS Discoverer

Gale Research in Context

SIRS Issues Researcher