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ES: G4 Migration

Enduring Understanding & Essential Questions

Enduring Understanding

The need to migrate has implications on people and places.


Essential Questions
  • What are the reasons for migration?
  • What are the different viewpoints? 
  • How does migration impact people and places?



Geo.7.3-5 Explain how cultural and environmental characteristics affect the distribution and movement of people, goods, and ideas.

Geo.9.3-5 Analyze the effects of catastrophic environmental and technological events on human settlements and migration.

Geo.12.3-5 Explain how natural and human-made catastrophic events in one place affect people living in other places.

His.9.3-5 Summarize how different kinds of historical sources are used to explain events in the past. (needs to migration)

His.12.3-5 Generate questions about multiple historical sources and their relationships to particular historical events and developments.

His.16.3-5 Use evidence to develop a claim about the past.