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ES: G1 Weather: Home

LibGuide to support Grade 1 learning about different types of weather.



K-ESS2.1 Use and share observations of local weather conditions to describe patterns over time. 

K-ESS3.2 Ask questions to obtain information about the purpose of weather forecasting to prepare for, and respond to, severe weather.

3-ESS3.1 Design a solution that reduces the impacts of a weather-related hazard. Rewritten from 3-ESS3.1 (Make a claim about the merit of a design solution that reduces the impacts of weather related hazards)

Enduring Understanding

EU - Weather conditions vary across the world.



Essential Questions

  • Why is weather different? (time & place) 为什么天气会不同?(时间和地方)
  • How do people respond to weather conditions? 面对不同的天气情况人们作何反应?

Driving Questions:

  • So what?
  • How does weather affect people?  How can they prepare and respond?
  • How are seasons similar and different?
  • How and what do we do to observe/measure weather?
  • What problems are created by different kinds of weather?​​​​​​​

Key Vocabulary

Weather Vocabulary - spoken