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G1 Communities: Home

Resources to support the teaching and learning around communities in Grade 1.


D2.Civ.2.K-2: Explain how all people, not just official leaders play important roles in our community 
D2.Civ.6.3-5: Describe ways in which people benefit from and are challenged by working together

D2.Civ.10.K-2: Compare their own point of view with others' perspectives. 

D2.Civ.11.K-2:Explain how people can work together to make decisions in the classroom. 

Enduring Understanding

People can contribute in different ways to help their community.


Essential Questions

  1. What role(s) do I play in my community(s)?  

  1. Why is it easy to work together? Why is it hard to work together?  

  1. How and why do we work together to make decisions in the classroom?  

  1. How is your point of view different than someone else’s? 


Key Vocabulary