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MS Grade 8 - Capstone

China's Work Towards Achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Gender Equality

Improving Health

Ending Poverty






Further research

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Migration and Urbanization

Video interviews with experts

Ming Khor, Keru

Ming Khor – Keru

Topic: Social entrepreneurship as a way of solving different SDG issues



Jeremiah Jenne – Beijing by Foot

Jeremiah Jenne – Beijing by Foot, freelance writer

Topic: Economic/resource/social issues surrounding current urban development plans for Beijing in light of the long history of the city

Songqiao Yao – WildBound

Songqiao Yao – WildBound

Topic: Ecology and environmental issues


Elise Li - Educating Girls of Rural China

Elise Li – Educating Girls of Rural China

Topic: Education of girls and the work of the EGRC

Overview of Educating Girls of Rural China:


Additional Organizations - 2020

Green Monday

More information about the organization, Green Monday.